SLM 3D metal printing from 3D printers manufacturer
You can get detailed calculation by sending an application by mail or by filing form below.
Printing cost

The price of 3D printing depends on volume and time of printing, product height, amount of supports needed and the difficulty of removing them.
Price: from 9 $/cm³
Price: from 23 $/cm³
What equipment are you printing on?
AddSol D250 with construction zone diameter of 250 mm and a height of 400 mm.
I did not find my alloy, what should I do?
We have experience adjusting exclusive alloys. Write us on, we will pick analog for you.
I do not have a 3d model.
You can send us a technical drawing, if you don't have it also, then we can make a 3d model based on a scan.
Minimum order?
Leave an e-mail and get a manual with a brief description of the SLM technology, printing materials, tips on product design, also the advantages and limitations of Metal 3D printing and characteristics of the printed products.
Manual for 3D metal printing